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Using gift wrap in displays

Using gift wrap in displays

Gift wrap makes a package look perfectly polished, but have you considered using it as a tool when decorating your store? There are several unconventional ways that you can utilize wrapping paper and other accessories in your shop during the holiday months to give store fixtures a bit of pizzazz and dress them up for seasonal sales.

Wrap shop fixtures for decorative detailing
Turn plain furniture into part of your holiday display by wrapping them in stylish, themed gift paper. This technique works particularly well for fixtures with squared edges, like solid display tables. For increased durability, you may want to begin by laying plain brown paper or cardboard over the surface that will be covered. Once the base is secured, wrap the tabletop with your favorite holiday paper, folding under the edges for a finished appearance. For additional accents, you can even select a complementary bow or piece of wholesale ribbon in a shimmering shade and tie it around the top to give your table the full package effect.

Other easy-to-wrap fixtures include display cubes and the base poles of jersey form models or standing clothing racks. You can also get three dimensional by lining the inside of glass display cases with patterned paper of your choosing. For a fun alternative, try using cellophane instead of traditional wrapping paper and get that glossy appeal.

Incorporate paper into existing displays for stylish marketing
For a more traditional appeal, let customers know what your gift wrapping resources are by incorporating them into your seasonal displays. Neatly wrap cardboard boxes and use them as store props, or leave them open and set top selling items on tissue paper or cellophane inside of the package. You can also use gift boxes like stackable cubes for displaying items artistically. Wrap several small containers in paper of different colors and patterns, and then stand them on top of one another, securing them with tape or glue, and accenting the style with long strands of ribbon.

Table runners are another opportunity to utilize wrapping paper and accessories. Select two styles that complement one another, and cut the first into a thick strip that can run the length of a display table. Wrap the ends under and secure them, then cut the second paper into a slightly thinner strip and layer it on top. Instead of using two gift wraps, you can also use ribbon.