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Using embellishments to sell home goods

Using embellishments to sell home goods

Retailers of furnishing goods have the rewarding task of helping individuals turn a house into a home. Here are some tips to embellish your store displays to appeal to homeowners looking to create a unique and welcoming living space:

Buyers may be most likely to purchase your home furnishings if they understand how specific items could match with their current decor. Use embellishments that remind buyers of home – something less industrial and more individual. Instead of focusing on all-metal appliances, look for custom hooks and store racks  in a variety of materials that you would consider installing in your own residence. Steer away from display cases, which may seem too commercial and opt for shelving with a more home-like appearance. When selecting lighting, find options like string lights and lighted garlands that have a similar natural appeal.

Build displays that accentuate how merchandise could be organized in a customer’s own rooms. Design themed rooms that create a certain atmosphere, like beach house or city chic. Don’t forget the details, like a decorative bowl atop a table for living room displays, or a fun and functional burlap-lined basket in bedroom layouts. To simplify your in-store design process without calling up an expert, look for display fixtures from within the same collection that can give your shop a professional and cohesive appearance.

Promote sale items or specials by making them easy for patrons to spot. Consider choosing taller display shelves that will be at your customers’ eye line, or invest in bold pricing tags or store signs that will draw attention to deals that you don’t want shoppers to miss. Promotional posters are another versatile and mobile option for advertising discounts. Be sure to keep your ‘home’ clean and inviting by investing in necessary supplies like spot remover and a vacuum cleaner.