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Use the weather to your retail advantage

Use the weather to your retail advantage

Spring has been late coming in many areas in the U.S., but it finally looks like temperatures are rising in many states. A change in seasons is always an opportunity for retailers to get creative, but warmer weather in particular opens the doors for some unique marketing techniques. Here are a few ideas to get you started this spring and summer:

Bring your sales outside
People love dining outside in the warm weather, and you can bet they'll love browsing your wares while standing in the sun as well. If you have a nice, open space in front of your store that gets plenty of sunshine, consider moving a few of your adult and child mannequins or clothing racks outside. You may need to have an employee or two stand guard outside to make sure everything stays neat and in one place, but they likely won't complain that they get to enjoy the weather during their work day. Typically, items that you put in front of your store window should be products you're hoping to get rid of – the decreased prices will get customers' attention, and you won't have to worry as much about these products being damaged by the elements.

Respite from the heat
As the seasons progress, you're likely to get at least a few days that are unbearably hot. If your store is air-conditioned, then you may find shoppers flocking to you just to stay out of the heat. You can increase the chances of this happening by advertising your "Super Cool Summer Sales" with store signs in your front window. For extra enticement, why not whip up some homemade lemonade that customers can enjoy as they browse the items on your jewelry displays and gondola shelves.

Some friendly competition
Now that spring is here, you're likely to see sports activists gearing up for fun games of softball, baseball and soccer. If your town or city has local leagues, odds are they're looking for sponsors for the season. Lending your name and some financial assistance to a local sports team isn't just a great way to get involved with the community – it's also an opportunity for free marketing. Fans, friends and family of the team members you support will likely show up at your store throughout the summer season and beyond.