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Use the right display to get customers to ‘put a ring on it’

Use the right display to get customers to ‘put a ring on it’

Selling rings can be a tricky business. A lot goes into staying on top of current trends and making sure your table displays are effectively highlighting the jewelry. Luckily, things like the Cork Jewelry Collection are available to store owners who want to branch out and embrace new ways of constructing jewelry displays.

You’ll have to put some thought into how you want to display rings to get shoppers interested in the products. Placing them in boxes or decorative bowls may look right in the store displays, but they can make it difficult to browse through the selection of products.

The benefits of cork sets
There are many advantaged that go along with using a cork set to sell rings. For one, the cork itself provides a warm color and textured backdrop that allows jewelry to pop out to a customer. It also is very easy to make alterations to the set – the cork pieces can be moved without any problems.

Many cork sets are available with boards in varying sizes, which also allows you to customize a display to fit in with your store. Whether you have a large table loaded with jewelry, clothing items and other accessories or a smaller shelf where you’re only highlighting a few pieces, these cork displays provide an easy and flexible way to create jewelry displays.

Get creative
Once you receive your cork sets, you’ll be able to add a few touches that will set these store displays apart. You can certainly throw in splashes of color to the showcases or even place photos and accessories around the displays.

Another tip is to situate the cork set displays close to other wall or table showcases that complement the products. You can arrange the layout based on colors or styles, but it is important to create a cohesive look that ties together an area of your store. Rings with colorful stones or distinct styles may fit better with certain outfits or pieces of clothing, so be sure to place these items close to one another to make sure you’re showing shoppers all of the related options.

Of course, if you don’t want to go too crazy with these displays, you can always leave the cork set as is and rely on your products to make an impact. This will work as well, as the set is basic enough to let the jewelry shine without being too boring or blending into the backdrop too easily.