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Use sales and promotions to move out the last holiday items

Use sales and promotions to move out the last holiday items

Following what was a lackluster holiday shopping period for many retailers, some shop owners may find themselves in a tricky situation. Because holiday shopping trends were on the up and up over the past few years, 2012’s season was a bit of a surprise, which likely left many stores with extra holiday merchandise on their hands. If you’re in this situation, then you need to find a way to move your extra products off your gondola shelves and display tables – and fast. Here are some tips on how to get this done.

Promotions, deals and discounts
The best way to get rid of your leftover holiday stock is to offer deals and discounts. Because many of your items may not be relevant anymore, you’ll need to use some creative marketing. Remind your customers that they can purchase items that will be appropriate in December of 2013, but for a greatly discounted price. Items like gift wrap, holiday apparel and popular electronics may be enticing to bargain hunters if appropriately advertised.

You’ll need to use both in-store and online promotions to get customers’ attention. You can create an all-new holiday window display to showcase your items and use store signs to let customers know that everything they see in the window is now being offered at a reduced price. Alternatively, you can attach big, colorful price tags to the items your adult and child mannequins are wearing to let customers know that you have some great deals happening in your store.

Setting aside for storage
After you’ve run your promotions, you may still be left with products, some of which can be set aside for next year. You’ll need to find a safe and secure way to store these items so they won’t become damaged in the interim. Consider using wholesale shopping bags to keep them dry, then placing them in boxes or airtight bags. Some retailers may also opt to rent out an off-site storage locker to keep their leftover products and holiday store fixtures or decor.

Be sure that you have a strong inventory on these items before your place them in storage. This will save you a major headache come December 2012 when you have to review what you have leftover. Items that you won’t be able to sell next year can still be put to good use – some charity organizations may accept them as donations.