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Use mannequins to show off floral prints

Use mannequins to show off floral prints

Floral patterns are making a big splash this summer, but it can be a challenge to show off these intricate prints properly. Because the blooming patterns can occasionally be tricky to pull off, it’s best to format your displays to convey to customers just how effortlessly they can wear one of these floral pieces.

While putting mannequins outfitted with some trendy floral items in your window displays is a good way to draw people into a store, you also need to pay attention to how you dress up mannequins inside.

Color is key
Color is always an important aspect of an outfit, but being able to properly detect hues is all the more essential when one of the pieces contains a floral print. These patterns often feature many different shades, which makes it easy to accessorize but potentially harder to shop around. You can cater to customers, who like to see how an outfit can come together, by modeling the display so it demonstrates how certain accessories or jewelry can work with floral prints.

Invest in some mannequins for sale and dress them in complete outfits with some floral touches. That way, your customers can see exactly how the pieces can create a cohesive look, especially with respect to the specific colors being featured. You can also surround these mannequins with display tables filled with accessories like scarves, necklaces, bangles and belts that bring out the shades in a floral pattern, which allows shoppers to collect items that can customize an item of clothing.

Cover up
Floral dresses and tops often work well with solid-colored sweaters or jackets. Your display can show just how perfectly a given outfit meshes with trendy items like a denim jacket or bright cardigan by including these pieces on the mannequin. Having a few of these selections on nearby store racks may encourage shoppers to look around for a full outfit that blends together seamlessly.

Feature the fit
Customers want to be able to predict just how a piece of clothing is going to fit before trying it on for themselves. However, it can be difficult to distinguish how a patterned item is going to look on a body when it’s hanging on a rack. As such, displaying clothing on a mannequin to show off how it lies is an important step to take. Floral prints can go a long way toward disguising certain areas of the body, and many shoppers may be drawn to pieces that have this added bonus.