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Use mannequins to display your store’s clothing

Use mannequins to display your store’s clothing

Mannequins have come a long way since their humble beginning back in the mid-1830s. The first mannequins were dress forms for dressmaking and have since gone on to help retail stores display their best outfits. The first mannequins were made of wire, but in today's world, mannequins are able to represent all body types, ethnicities and even hairstyles.

A great place for stores to showcase their adult or child mannequins is in the front display area. You'll want to dress the mannequins in some of the season's hottest trends to entice customers to come in and check out what else you have to offer. It may be beneficial to bring in a fashion expert or a stylist to help create unique outfits that customers may not have thought of themselves, but might want to recreate.

You can also keep a few mannequins in the store, showcasing even more stylish options. It's best to place a mannequin wearing a bathing suit near the bathing suit racks and a mannequin wearing a more formal outfit in the dress or suit aisle, to help the customers navigate the different sections of the store with ease.