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Use grid wall panels to your advantage

Use grid wall panels to your advantage

Grid wall panels are a staple among many retailers, but these handy display racks can often go unnoticed by customers. There are creative ways you can use grid panels to showcase your wares in new and exciting ways – all it takes is a little creativity.

Often, retailers use grid wall panels to group together like items. They'll have one rack dedicated entirely to hanging jeans, for instance, while another will hold all of the available jewelry for sale. You can mix up this average idea by using the racks to color coordinate items. Use hangers to show off all of your blue blouses, t-shirts, coats, and pants on one grid panel. Create a spectrum effect by putting similar hues on the adjacent display racks.

Make outfits stand out
When stocking your grid panel displays, think carefully about creating outfits that your customers would want to wear. Don't hang clothing items that only contain one article of clothing, but instead pair items that go well together and could be bought as a set. Drive this concept home by putting a mannequin nearby decked out in all of the items on display.

Match up with display tables
You  can bring your shoppers' attention to your grid panels by matching hanging items with those on display tables nearby. For instance, if you have a few cute skirts or dresses hanging on a wall display, use a display table to show off jewelry, sunglasses, purses or shoes that would go well with the outfit. If you're doing the color theme mentioned above, you can simply carry over the hue on the wall display and match it with stackable items on your tables. Use decorations like wholesale ribbon to take this idea one step further.