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Use earring displays to highlight the can’t-miss accessory

Use earring displays to highlight the can’t-miss accessory

Any fashion-forward customer knows that accessories can make or break an outfit. While the concept of completing an ensemble with statement jewelry may not be new, the styles that shoppers want are constantly changing. This is especially true with regard to earrings. These trusty accessories are a staple in any wardrobe, but they evolve to match the best colors and styles of the day.

To make sure customers know about your top jewelry designs, be sure your store displays are highlighting some of the summer styles in a convenient, pleasing way.

Display matters
When you’re trying to sell accessories like earrings, how you display the product can make all the difference. Display tables should be equipped with the proper retail jewelry supplies to show off a wide selection of earrings in some of the top styles of the season.

Using the right display supplies to showcase jewelry is essential. Customers are going to want to see things like how earrings hang, how big the accessories are and how the colors pop out. The easiest way to achieve this is with the help of things like acrylic jewelry displays, which allow you to group together similar colors and styles so the customer can find exactly what they’re looking for.

Hot styles for summer
A few trends are already taking hold for the summer season. One to keep an eye on is natural stone earrings, which are quickly becoming a go-to accessory for many people.

“Summer is here, and the demand for natural stone earrings is huge,” said Zhang Yong, CEO of the jewelry retailer Aypearl. “We hope we can catch this great business opportunity to explore our market.”

Drop earrings are also staking their claim as one of the hottest trends for the warmer months. These dangly accessories are perfect for anything from family barbecues to beach weddings, so many shoppers are on the hunt for just the right pair. Light and pastel colors are particularly popular, as they bring a breath of fresh air to an outfit, so be sure to display any of those pieces prominently.

Some of the best colors to include in your jewelry display include coral and seafoam green. Many drop or natural stone earrings are available in these popular summer hues, so consider adding in a few splashes of the shades to mannequins to show how trendy jewelry and clothing can work together to create a great outfit.