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Use a charcoal showcase to properly display your items

Use a charcoal showcase to properly display your items

Properly displaying your store’s items can sometimes be a challenge. While you want to make sure everything is showcased, you also do not want it to appear too cluttered. This is a problem that can make or break displays.

A charcoal showcase is the perfect way to showcase your items. Not only will the glass shelves provide a great presentation, but the surface will prevent them from becoming too cluttered. You can also be more mindful of the way your items look on these display racks, as they will show you what each shelf looks like from all angles. Thanks to the glass shelf, you are able to see multiple levels at once, giving you a better idea of the presentation as a whole.

Upkeep is crucial
If you really want to showcase your items properly, considering purchasing charcoal showcases with light kits. When you illuminate the shelving, you’ll be able to give some of your best items that most attention.

However, you’ll need to make sure that the showcase is clean at all times, particularly if it is lit up. One way to do this is to empty the shelving and see where dust has settled, you’d be surprised what a difference the dust looks like once the items on the shelves are removed. Turn on the lights and see what the shelves look like when illuminated. Are there streaks? If so, wipe the dust off with a cloth and glass cleaner to really make the display case shine bright.

Keep your goods under lock
Another benefit to charcoal showcases is that you can purchase lock systems. This way, you can properly display some of your most expensive and sought-after items and will not have to worry about shoplifters. If you’re concerned about a lot of salespeople having access to the keys, only give them to managers and ensure they are locked up in a safe at night.

If a customer ever wants to take a closer look at these items, instruct your salespeople to show them to the nearest manager, who can unlock the items and let the customer try them out. This special attention could lead to more sales.