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Upgrading your modern industrial interior

Upgrading your modern industrial interior

The exclusive Hanson Collection is adding a few new items to the assortment. These pieces offer the chance to give your store displays a more vintage and mature feeling while not sacrificing any durability and sturdiness. If your shop is due for an aesthetic upgrade, but you still want a more modern, reclaimed look, these products are ideal and have the flexibility to fit in with most designs.

The main thing to focus on when converting the interior of your business to a modern industrial style is subtlety. Work with the natural elements of your building to help bring out the atmosphere you’re looking for. It’s easier to focus on one style predominantly and then try to bring out the other to complement it. Embrace the brick and mortar of your walls and accept those pipes littering the ceiling. Then, find the perfect balance to combine the sleek, modern look with the more rough industrial one. Keep everything clean, spacious and clutter-free while utilizing raw industrial materials like glass and concrete. Color schemes overlap to make a neutral tone ideal for a modern industrial interior.

With the addition of the new standards and outriggers, you have the versatility to arrange these store fixtures in any number of combinations with baskets, hangrails or wooden shelves available to make exemplary display walls for your store.

If you need tables for your displays, there are square and rectangle sizes available made with industrial steel frames, natural welds, and either metal or aged-looking wooden tops. These fixtures are an excellent blend of styles with their clean lines corners and weathered appearance, which could help you bring out the best of both worlds with a single piece. They can be set up together or on top of each other to conserve space as in line with modern concepts.

Something to introduce the new look of your store to the world are sign holders that integrate a wooden base with a metal frame, showcasing the qualities of the collection front and center.

Design can be a powerful tool for getting people in your doors that never would have come otherwise. Try not to go overboard with one particular style, because if you manage to find an even distribution of qualities, your shop itself could look like a work of art before customers even see your inventory.