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Unique sale ideas you haven’t thought of yet

Unique sale ideas you haven’t thought of yet

Looking for a way to excite your customer base now that the holidays have come and gone? There’s little that gets shoppers more fired up than a creative sale event, but it can be difficult for retailers to think of something new. If you’re tired of doing the same old “30 percent off” sale that you pull every few weeks, here are some new ideas that might bring in big money.

Around-the-clock sales
With social media, it’s easy to get in touch with your customers any time of day. This means you can make time-specific sales that will encourage your customers to plan their trips to your store accordingly. For example, start your day out with an “early bird” special on items that would be popular early in the day, such as coffee mugs. In the afternoon, you can switch and offer discounts on apparel. Showcase the shift by tweeting a few pictures of your well-dressed adult and child mannequins.

Fill-a-bag sale
This concept works particularly well for retailers who offer discount apparel or small items. Set up some wholesale shopping bags near the front of your stores and offer customers a flat rate on whatever they can fit in their bag. It may be best to limit the items available for this deal so that shoppers don’t stuff their bags with big-ticket products. You can place all of the fill-a-bag items on a few display tables to make it easier for shoppers to pick up their goods.

Going ultra-specific
You can really intrigue your consumer base by offering sales that are very specific. For instance, you can offer half off apparel to anyone who shows up with a sibling at your store, or offer 20 percent off on baby clothes for parents who come in for a shopping day with their infant in tow. Stock items of one color in a display case, and then offer those items at a discounted rate for anyone who is wearing clothing of the same hue. Though these discounts may not reach a large population, shoppers who can take advantage of them will surely be pleased and will want to come back to see what else you have up your sleeve.

Make your own offer
Let your customers get into the bargaining spirit by allowing them to make their own offers at the checkout line. Provided you have trained your employees to haggle well, you may find that being flexible on pricing means your customers will come back time and again.