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Unexpected color combinations for window displays

Unexpected color combinations for window displays

Nothing helps smooth over the transition to spring than moving away from the dark colors that remind people of the dull and grey winter sky. Changing up the colors in your window and store displays can herald the path to a transformation in your shop. It’s time to brighten up everyone’s spirits and prepare for warm breezes and shining sunlight.

Step away from the predictable
Everyone expects the typical springtime colors, especially light greens, pale pinks and yellows, and baby blues. Anything with a nature feel to it will be more common place than not such as a lot of greens and bright shades mixing together to form a spectrum of forests and flora. Most businesses will be trying to turn their walls and display tables into virtual flowers and trees, but don’t be afraid to take it one step further.

An unexpected color combination may throw passing shoppers off guard and lure them in to investigate a divergent trend. Be bold and loud with your choices, or choose something more soft and elegant. Whatever the style or theme you’re trying to create can be helped with carefully chosen tones to bring it all together.

Colors that could work with this season for your store are mixtures of jade and coral, periwinkle and lilac, clover and putty, magenta and lime, or violet and plaster. Their blend isn’t often seen but still showcases an attitude of rebirth and growth. Decide if you want more of a subtle hand or something with a pop instead to put at the front of your establishment.

House Beautiful suggests using a stark black and yellow, or blue and orange, to bring something fierce to the forefront. Customers will notice the contrast, but see the vivid depth behind it.

Splash over to your mannequins
Any displays you believe would benefit from going further with your surprising color combos can incorporate your mannequins too. Articles of clothing matching or complementing your implemented choices can be draped over them or the models themselves can don the hue with the C3 Custom Color Collection. You can set up you mannequins in the window displays if you have room or space them out right in front of your doors to add more depth to your color selection.

Make sure whatever shades you decide can coexist properly with the overall layout of your store. Conflicting color combinations could drive away shoppers just as much as inspiring ones can draw them in.