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Unconventional Valentine’s gift ideas

Unconventional Valentine’s gift ideas

There’s nothing that breaks up the midwinter doldrums quite like a holiday, and if you’ve been out and about shopping, you’ve probably noticed an influx of Valentine’s Day store displays. While the holiday is all about celebrating love, many people also feel that extra pressure to find the perfect gift for their spouse or partner. If you’re tired of the flowers-and-chocolate routine, try something different with one of these unique ideas that says something special about your love:

Hit the town
Take a cue from the Old Spice man and pick up “two tickets to that thing you love” for your leading lady or man. You don’t have to break the bank to attend an event, either. Look for intimate evenings that feature local musicians or performances at a smaller theater. This is a great way to support your community while finding a truly unique way to spent time with your loved one.

Personalize your purchase
It’s easy to be creative if you’re someone who’s into crafting homemade gifts, but – let’s face it – do-it-yourself presents aren’t everyone’s strength. Fortunately, you don’t have to pull out the glitter glue and scissors to make a present meaningful and unique. Consider purchasing a present and personalizing it to match your loved one’s style or taste. For instance, if she loves chocolate, visit a few different specialty shops in your hometown to pick out a variety of delicious treats instead of just selecting the first box you spot. If he’s into golf, don’t just pick up a new polo shirt – look for an experience he’ll remember and value, like a pro lesson to strengthen his skills.

Take a mini-cation
No one can deny the magic of planning a honeymoon-esque weekend getaway to surprise your loved one. Between conflicting work schedules, obligations and – of course – the financial implications of skipping town for a few days, taking a vacation might not be the most feasible option. This doesn’t mean you can’t still make a mini escape, however. Is there a nearby town you could explore for the weekend, or even some local attractions you’ve been meaning to check out? Valentine’s Day is on a Friday this year, so it’s easier to play tourist for the weekend and spend a little extra time together.

Everlasting love
Although an evening out or a personalized experience certainly makes an impression, have you considered something with longer-term effects? You might choose to commemorate your affection, for instance, by planting a tree in your yard that will grow along with your love. Giving back is another great way to bond and make a difference together. Look for local charities that are in need of a few extra hands, and volunteer some time helping others. This is also a great activity for a group, so it might be fun to get a few friends together and opt for a “giving-back double date.” Afterward, treat yourself to a much-deserved dessert.