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Unconventional Uses For Wrapping Paper

Unconventional Uses For Wrapping Paper

Seasonal gift wrap can provide inspiration for more than just packaging presents. Here are a few ideas for getting crafty with wrapping paper – a fun activity for family members of any age. Pick a roll and see what you can do:

Make your own holiday cards and envelopes
Show off your personal style and with one-of-a-kind stationary this holiday season. Homemade cards may sound like a complicated task, but they’re actually quite a simple craft. Start with a few rolls of paper in your favorite design, and trace seasonal shapes or any outline of your choosing on the back of the paper. Ink from felt-tipped pens may bleed through, so use a pencil and press only lightly while sketching your pattern. Cut out the shapes and use glue or double-sided tape to attach them to pre-folded card stock in white, cream or another solid color. Alternately, you may select paper in a single color to layer over a patterned card front.

Make your stationary a gift within itself by designing cards that look like holiday packages. Begin by covering the entire front panel of a card with wrapping paper, and then attach accents like ribbon across the center or a bow on top. If you have a little extra time to spare, try making a silhouette style card. Lightly trace a shape of your choosing onto a card front, then cut out strips of gift wrap and set them horizontally over the design. Trim the edges of the strips to fit inside of the lines, giving your card a cool, patterned appeal.

Origami garlands and decorations
Create your own twist on holiday garlands and ornaments by folding decorative wrapping paper into shapes that can be threaded and strung on a tree or windows. Online resources and books provide easy-to-follow guidelines for folding paper into simple 2D and 3D figures. Popular holiday options include stars, angels and paper cranes, which symbolize peace. You may also consider making paper flowers or bows to accent your interior design. Embellish displays with a bit of sparkle by using glitter, decals or ribbon with a shimmery hue.

Gift bags, containers and holiday poppers
Wrap gifts in an unconventional manner by adding paper to any shaped container. For a quick trick that utilizes recycled goods, cover a can or jar in gift wrap and accent the top and bottom with pieces of wholesale ribbon. Then place small gifts like candy, cookies or trinkets inside of a piece of cellophane and tuck it into the jar, drawing the top shut with another small band of ribbon or a bow. It’s a stylish and eco-friendly way to personalize your presents.

Just like with holiday cards, wrapping paper can be traced and cut into shapes or layered into artistic designs on plain gift bags. A little bow in the corner or a touch of ribbon across the bottom border can complete the look for a polished package. You can also use wrapping paper to make or embellish gift tags.

Table decorations
Let wrapping paper take center stage as part of your living or dining room display. Layer pieces of wrapping paper in bold geometric shapes over a paper doily for a sophisticated mat, which can be placed underneath a candle or vase. You can also string paper flowers together or cut out leaves and a bow to craft your own seasonal wreath, to be hung in a door frame or window. Be careful when using wrapping paper around flammable objects like candles, however, as it can pose a fire hazard and should be monitored closely.