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Umbrellas and rain boots and trench coats – oh my!

Umbrellas and rain boots and trench coats – oh my!

Rising temperatures herald the end of winter and the beginning of spring. However, before the summer heat gets here, you have to brace your store for the wet spring season. In order for the flora to bloom, the rain showers must come and go. Many of your shoppers will likely be looking to replace their snow boots with rain boots, and you need to make sure your store displays are ready to let everyone know what your shop has to offer.

The coming storm
Customers will be exchanging their winter clothes for rainwear as they brace for the cool downpours that come with every spring and summer. Before the water starts falling, you need to make sure you have all of your boots, coats and umbrellas on display and ready to go. A lot of the time, people aren’t as prepared as they would like for a rain storm and get caught in the middle of it with nothing to protect themselves. These are excellent chances to promote your solutions to their damp problems.

While stuck in the rain, people will be looking for ways to stay dry, so it’s important you have at least one store display set up for rainy weather gear. One of the most visual options for letting shoppers know you have the items they need is to dedicate some display tables to exhibiting your choices. You can set up some mannequins that are completely equipped from head to toe for a torrential rainstorm. Dress them up in rain boots, trench coats and if you’re not afraid of superstitions, open up an umbrella to put in their hands. These displays give you a chance to show off some creativity and imagination. You can whip up a rainstorm theme by making a cloud above the models with cotton and attach blue streamers to hang down like falling rain.

You can even incorporate more subtle features like playing music of soothing rainfall near the displays. Keeping a small squirt bottle close by to spray the rainwear every now and then can create the appearance of glistening water droplets, almost like your mannequins were just out in a storm. Though not every shopper will notice this subtle display tactic, having one of your staff spray the display every couple hours may inspire some to purchase umbrellas or raincoats.

Make your rainwear accessible
Many of the times people walk in looking specifically for rainwear, they’ll want to get it quickly and then get out. Chances are they didn’t plan on getting stuck in a downpour. For this reason, you need to make your rainwear easy to find. Dedicating store racks for your trench coats and a shoe rack for your rain boots will keep your entire inventory in one place. Positioning them closer to the entrance will signal to anyone walking by that your store has what they’re looking for.

Wherever you decide to put these displays and racks, make sure you have a place for your umbrella selection too. Display hooks offer a good method for hanging umbrellas almost anywhere in an easily retrievable way.

Your store has to be able to adapt as quickly as the weather changes if you want to keep an edge over competitors. Though dedicating store displays to every weather pattern isn’t necessary, it certainly helps promote those seasonal products – especially during the months they’re needed most. It’s important to give shoppers access to items they want when they need them most. Capitalize on the rainy season now by reminding shoppers that springtime isn’t all sunshine and flowers.