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Two of the biggest players in retail solutions are joining forces

Two of the biggest players in retail solutions are joining forces


Intriguing  new retail display products are on the way. With a new year comes a highly anticipated new partnership between two of the industry’s most powerful players.

An exciting new partnership

Big things are on the horizon at Firefly Store Solutions! In January 2018, we’re partnering with kathy ireland® Worldwide to bring custom services, business-to-business solutions, visual merchandising, retail packaging and store fixtures to independent retailers.

At the start of the new year, you can expect to see interesting new eco-friendly products, such as shopping bags, gift wrap, tissue paper and hangers. Not only are these items better for the environment, but they’re also stylish and colorful. Independent retailers should be able to compete on an aesthetic level as well as they do on prices. These new retail displays will make that possibility a reality.

kiWW® looks for partners that display integrity, innovation and top-tier customer service, which is what makes Firefly Store Solutions the perfect fit. Together, our two powerful retail brands will bring affordable, beautiful display products to independent merchants across the country.

How eco-friendly displays make a difference

Respecting and caring for the environment is a cause anyone can get behind. By using eco-friendly display products, retailers can reduce their impact on the earth, save resources for future generations and make life a little better for everyone.

Especially around the Christmas season, it’s important to be grateful for what we have and pledge to use our resources wisely. Independent retailers understand that the holidays are equally about giving as they are receiving – and that includes thinking about our planet. Firefly Store Solutions and kiWW® support this goal.

Additionally, consumers respond well to brands that make a commitment to the environment. Millennial shoppers tend to understand how their actions – including shopping – affect the planet. According to a Nielsen survey, 58 percent of shoppers are willing to pay more for brands that actively support the environment. By developing a brand with consumer values in mind, independent retailers can boost their sales while making a real difference in the world. It’s a victory for all.

A win for independent retailers

In 2018, independent retailers will face some of the biggest challenges yet. According to Adobe Digital Insights, 2017 online Black Friday sales increased 16.9 percent as U.S. shoppers spent more than $5 billion in 24 hours. This year, smaller retailers will need to improve their online presence and develop impactful marketing campaigns that speak to shoppers.

In addition to leveraging eco-friendly products and offering great deals, independent merchants should focus on providing world-class customer service to stay relevant in the marketplace. As the relationship between Firefly Store Solutions and kiWW® grows, we hope to support retailers in everything they do. It’s going to be an exciting year!

To learn more about the new partnership between Firefly Store Solutions and kiWW®, read the press release here.