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Turn your merchandise into a fall display

Turn your merchandise into a fall display

Winter, spring and summer are all great opportunities to decorate your store’s windows, but fall is a particularly special time of year to create store displays. The warm colors and themes of this season are particularly attractive to many shoppers, but you don’t have to go crazy buying pumpkins, false leaves and other props. Sometimes, you can make your own decorations using your merchandise, giving your window displays a seasonal touch that also works brilliantly to advertise your store’s items.


Paper decorations are perhaps some of the easiest to create, and when your store sells different types of paper for scrapbooking, wrapping gifts and making cards, it’s easy to make classic fall decorations.

One idea is to cut out leaf shapes from seasonal paper and arrange them into a wreath or garland. Top it off with a beautiful ribbon in a color like rust or orange to further display your store’s goods.

Another way to decorate your store’s windows with your paper and ribbon merchandise is to get crafty with origami. You can follow a pattern for a paper lantern and make some pumpkins to dress up your store’s windows.


Think dressing mannequins in fall fashion is the only way to show off your goods in your store window? Well, it’s one way, but when you think outside the box – or off the mannequin – with your garments, you might be able to create an even more captivating display.

Why not gather some plaid scarves and braid them into a garland to hang behind your mannequins or other store display? Because your scarves are likely already stocked in fall colors and patterns, they can make a perfect backdrop in your window.

You could also create a pattern on the wall of your window display with mittens. Choose an autumnal color that you have a lot of, like orange, and arrange them in a pattern behind your mannequins or other store fixtures.


If you sell tools, paint and trashcans, it might be hard to see how you could make your merchandise into an attractive window display. But you can! You might want to use real leaves from outside to display your rakes, leaf bags and leaf blowers by creating an autumnal scene in your window.

You could also create the image of fall foliage by arranging paint chips in all the colors of fall on your window, using a stick-on tree or one that you paint on. This display will not only be unique and eye-catching, it will show off all the paint you sell!