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Trendy summertime color combinations

Trendy summertime color combinations

If there’s one thing the summer season is all about, it’s the outdoors. Nature is blooming all around, painting the landscapes with beautiful, bright colors. If you want to lure as many customers as you can away from the temptations of summer and into your store, you have to ensure your store displays can compete with the vibrant life ushered in by the season.

Color is a powerful weapon in catching the attention of passersby. It’s disadvantageous to underestimate its potential in any aspect of your store because the right shade can completely transform a shop and its decor. Use some new tones as the backdrop for your store so you can show shoppers you have what they need to fully enjoy the summer season.

The perfect mixture
Finding the right color combination that fits your shop can depend on either the current trends or time-tested classics. Trends have the potential to inspire customers to search for the shades in style at the moment while reverting to a classic leaves little room for doubt about an outfit for anyone.

Fusing a bright orange with a cool blue is popular this season for making a loud summer impression, reported Decoist. This combination manages to capture the heat of the season with the cool escapes it provides, possibly reflecting a trip to the beach.

Green and yellow have long been associated with nature thanks to the vast amount of it that can be found in the wild. Any shades of these colors mixed together can bring a warm sense of vegetation and life to wherever they’re painted or worn that allow the objects to blend in with the surroundings.

If you’d rather give shoppers a bastion of relief in the summer heat, use a cool turquoise broadly throughout a theme with accents of red on smaller furniture or fixtures to make them stand out, the source asserted.

Color the models in your store
The mannequins and store racks in your store can also take on a shade of their own with the C3 Custom Color Combination where you can pick whatever tone you want for the models that stand front and center in your shop.

If you don’t feel like painting the walls of your store for a single season, then using colorful store fixtures is a great way to showcase the shades you want with the ability to move them out of sight when the occasion for them passes.