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Top items college freshmen will need for dorm life

Top items college freshmen will need for dorm life

Back-to-school shopping isn't just for the under-18 crowd. Many students who recently graduated high school will soon be heading to their first year at college. Moving out from your parents' home is an intimidating experience, and young adults need to be equipped to handle dorm life. That's why you can expect an influx of recent grads to flood your stores in the coming weeks, looking for those last-minute items that will help them get by on campus. Here are a few of the top items you can expect to sell well for the rest of the month:

Most college dorms offer twin-sized beds, but they are extra long, and therefore need sheets that have a few extra inches in length. If you sell home goods, then stocking up on this special kind of bedding is a smart move. Use store signs to let shoppers know that you have the sheets students will need, and consider putting a bed in your display window, made up nicely with some of your funkiest sheets.

Floor space in dorm rooms isn't typically very forgiving, so students will benefit from a few small appliances that they can keep in their living space. For example, mini-fridges are great for students who like to keep food in their room, and smaller televisions will likely be quite popular. It wouldn't hurt to stock up on extra phone and computer chargers if you sell such items. Students who see these on your display tables will realize they might need the extra wattage come school time.

No one wants to show up to school wearing ratty old clothes, so you can bet that college students in your town will be on the hunt for trendy yet affordable apparel. The best way to market such items is to use mannequins that look like they're about to head to campus. Hats and sweatshirts with college insignias will help hammer this message home, but for good measure, add a few backpacks and side-bags to your wall displays.

Youngsters heading off to college will want to take a few items from home to help them remember their folks and friends. Consider stocking your display cases with some tasteful photo albums or frames. You can place these near the register, so parents who are picking up a few items for the kids will see them on their way out.