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Top gifts for graduates and how to display them

Top gifts for graduates and how to display them

Throughout the rest of this month and into June, young people in both high school and college will be donning caps and gowns, ready to embark on the next stage of their lives. This is a momentous time for young graduates, and you can expect that family and friends of these accomplished individuals will be visiting your store in search of the perfect congratulatory gift. Here are a few of the top graduation presents and how you can best display them to attract shoppers:

1. Books
Though high school and college grads are likely happy to be done with homework, at least for now, books are still a highly popular graduation present. Self-help, non-fiction and other encouraging literature are typically the top choices. If you sell books, you should showcase them near the front of your store on gondola shelves or display tables. This will cause shoppers to stop right as they enter to peruse the reading you have available.

2. Apartment/dorm supplies
Many high school graduates will be moving on to college next year, while college grads will soon be looking for their first apartments. In both of these scenarios, young folks are in need of basic home goods – plates, cups, shower caddies, dressers, bed sheets and the like. You can let shoppers know you have such items by creating a dorm or apartment setting right in your front window. Set up some of your best-selling home goods and use a few mannequins for sale to bring the scene together. Don’t forget to use store signs that read “Welcome to College” or “My First Apartment” to really sell this idea.

3. Party supplies
What would a graduation be without a good party afterward? Proud moms and dads will be hosting friends and families for a congratulatory celebration, and they’ll need lots of napkins, place settings, banners, balloons and decorations to make such an event a success.

4. New duds
It’s not uncommon for graduates to buy themselves a little something to celebrate their achievement, and often, this “self-gift” comes in the form of apparel. High school grads may be in the market for some fun and festive warm-weather wear to don during their first summer of freedom, while college students will need formal attire to wear to their upcoming job interviews. Be sure to dress your mannequins in both types of apparel to draw in the maximum number of shoppers.