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Top dos and don’ts for holiday customer service

Top dos and don’ts for holiday customer service

Over the next few weeks, your store will be packed with anxious shoppers who are rushing to find the right gift before the holiday hits. This means that many of your shoppers will be stressed, so your employees must bring out all of their best customer service techniques to make sure buyers leave with smiles on their faces. Here are some holiday dos and don’ts that you may want to show to your workers as a friendly reminder.

Do greet everyone with a smile
Your store should be a welcoming sanctuary from the chaos of Christmas shopping. One way to make your shoppers feel appreciated is by having a few of your employees stand by the front door to say “hello” to each and every person who crosses your threshold. Make sure these greeters are also available to help your customers find display tables or jewelry displays containing the most popular holiday items.

Don’t follow customers like a hawk
Your employees may be eager to help, but following shoppers around your store and asking them more than once if they need help can be a bit overwhelming, especially if they are simply browsing for the right gift. Instead, allow employees at the front of the store to ask shoppers if they require assistance, and instruct workers in the back of the store to hold off and simply remain available should a question arise.

Do have someone manning the register at all times
There’s nothing more unpleasant than a big line at the register during the holiday shopping season. That’s why you should make sure that you have at least two or three people behind the counter at any given time to help ring people up. If you find yourself in a lull, allow one of them to step back onto the floor, but there should always be at least one person behind the counter who can keep him or herself busy by tidying up the register space.

Don’t forget about gift wrap
In addition to the workers you have manning the register, you’ll need a few hands on deck to help with gift wrapping. Choose your employees who are most adept with wrapping paper and wholesale ribbon and have them spend their shift making the perfect presents for shoppers. A well-wrapped gift will help your customers remember your shop next year.