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To gift wrap or not to gift wrap – that is the question

To gift wrap or not to gift wrap – that is the question

Graduations and the end of the school year often call for gifts for scholars and educators alike, and as the summer officially begins, more store owners are facing that age-old question: "Should we offer gift wrapping?"

If you don't offer gift-wrapping services for your merchandise, it can be difficult to please the customer, especially if your regular wholesale shopping bags are nothing to write home about. There are some ways to work around this, though.

One way is to stock gift wrapping supplies during certain times of the year. Summer tends to be heavy with graduations and tourist traffic, which means many shoppers will be looking for gifts. Depending on what type of merchandise you sell, you may also want to order wrapping paper, gift boxes and wholesale ribbon around Christmas time and Valentine's Day.

Another option is to improve the overall appearance of your everyday retail packaging. When your normal shopping bags are attractive or fit the theme of your store, it is easier for a customer to be convinced they would also make a nice gift bag. Using tissue, ribbons or bows to accent the bag is another good way to make any purchase gift-worthy.