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Tips for your in-store marketing strategy [Video]

Hi! Welcome to the Firefly Store Solutions blog!

Today we’re going to go over a few quick tips to improve your in-store marketing strategy. You might think of marketing as the effort it takes to get customers into your shop, but it shouldn’t stop there. These methods will help to increase time in store and improve your sales.

The first method is the window display. Make it unique to your business, something that displays the type of merchandise you sell and the personality of your brand. Try using our C3 custom color mannequins to boldly display your signature hue.

Signage is another simple yet effective on-site marketing method. Red signs with bold lettering attract attention and invite shoppers to check out the great deals on offer inside.

Finally, use small merchandise such as clothing accessories to market themselves. Place these add-on items near more popular items. For instance, place a display of metallic bracelets near a rack of black dresses to promote two purchases rather than one. 

Marketing doesn’t end with your print advertisements. Keep up the effort in your store and you’ll see great results.

See you next time!