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Tips for toy retailers

Tips for toy retailers

If you’re the owner of a small, independent toy store, you have some big name companies to compete with. How you manage and organize your store will help set you apart. Here are some tips on how to make sure your store stands out from the crowd.

Displaying your items
How you display the toys in your store will make a big impact. Because toys are often hands-on items, you can benefit from placing your items on easy-to-access gondola shelves. However, keep in mind that your shoppers will likely want to play with your products in the store, and this can lead to lots of damaged merchandise. Use store signs to indicate which toys are for “sample playing,” so that the majority of your stock doesn’t get worn out.

If you sell high-end toys like expensive plush animals or pricey electronics, you will need to keep these items out of customers’ hands until they decide to buy them. Display cases are best for this, but make sure that customers are able to see what products are inside. A sign advising them to ask for assistance looking at such products will let them know the items in the display case are for sale.

Branding for kids
Because many of your shoppers will be children, you’ll need to employ some special marketing techniques just for kids. Place items low on shelves so that kids will be able to see and reach them, and remember that youngsters love bright colors. Order wholesale shopping bags and wholesale ribbon in vibrant hues to entice your younger customers.

Many toy stores also sell children’s clothing, as parents may decide to pick up an outfit or two while browsing for playthings. For this reason, toy store owners should stock up on child mannequins to model the top-selling apparel.