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Tips for selling customers on gift wrap and accessories

Tips for selling customers on gift wrap and accessories

During the Christmas season, customers will be opening their wallets a little bit wider to shell out for the most popular holiday gifts. When it comes time to set presents under the tree, though, are they paying attention to appearance? If packaging supplies are included in your inventory, you’ll want to emphasize to guests the importance of making gifts as enticing from the outside as what’s beneath the wrapping. Here are a few tips for helping them pick out the perfect presentation for any present:

Quality over quantity
Nothing finishes the look of a gift like some premium wrap. Think glossy paper in bright holiday hues or a shimmering sheen in a metallic shade. Examples of high-quality materials include both solid-colored and patterned paper that captures the spirit of the season. For a broad appeal, consider investing in products that are holiday-specific as well as neutral winter patterns and solids. By incorporating wrapped boxes into store displays, you can show customers the added value of choosing quality materials for packaging their presents instead of lower-grade products that can lose their shine or easily tear.

As far as accentuation, you should be sure to include an assortment of packaging accessories, such as wholesale ribbon and bows. Emphasize both classic colors and metallics such as silver and gold, as well as more modern patterns and shades. Don’t forget about tagging options as well – plain labels and enclosure cards might be alright for the rest of the year, but during the holidays, you’ll want to include options that highlight little accents or seasons greetings.

Beyond the box
Think outside of the box when it comes to wrapping materials. Although gift paper is the most common form of packaging, not all items fit comfortably into a square package. Remind your customers that good things come in small bags and totes as well as boxes. Just like with wrapping paper, you should offer bags that encompass a wide range of designs to match anyone’s needs. High-quality packaging can be glossy, embossed or patterned. It might also be wise to include neutral options in tan, white or black, and pair them with tissue paper and cellophane in a variety of shades. Designer paper can also make an impression – look for items that feature polka dots, hearts of even gemstones for a dazzling appeal.