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Tips for retailers opening a new store

Tips for retailers opening a new store

Whether you’re jumping into the retail world for the first time or preparing to unveil the latest location of your franchise, opening up a new store is a challenge. Before you open your doors, you’ll have to make sure the interior of your store is in tip-top shape – after all, first impressions are everything. Here are some tips for retailers who are setting up shop for spring.

Get some help
Even if you run a tiny shop, you’re likely going to need at least one or two other workers capable of managing the store when you are unable to do so. For larger retailers, it can be very beneficial to set up a group of “core” employees who will be privy to all of the behind-the-scenes work you’re doing prior to opening up shop. These individuals will likely become your store managers, so it’s important they have the skills and experience necessary to oversee your store’s daily operations.

You’ll also need to hire the rest of your floor employees, and while this can be put off for a bit, it’s still best to have most of your staff lined up before Opening Day. This will allow them to get to know the products lining your gondola shelves and wall displays before customers arrive.

Fill your space
When your first shoppers show up, you’ll want to welcome them into a fully stocked and well-decorated store. This means you need to plan in advance and purchase all of your store fixtures well before you cut the ribbon. For first-time shop owners, it makes sense to buy in bulk, as you’ll likely be investing in fixtures that you’ll use for a long time. Purchasing mannequins for sale, wholesale shopping bags and wholesale ribbon can cut costs during this process.

Start out with promotions
It can be difficult to bring in a lot of traffic during your first few weeks, but effective marketing and big promotions can help. Grand opening sales are popular for a reason – they get customers’ attention and bring in revenue when a shop is just getting on its feet. Before you open your doors, you can get the word out about your store through social media. This is likely easier for retailers who already have an established brand, so those who don’t can use more traditional marketing, such as store signs and appealing window displays.