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Tips for lighting store displays like a pro

Tips for lighting store displays like a pro

There have always been plenty of options for unique, favorable lighting for your store displays, but as technology advances, options to light up your precious merchandise are expanding. Right now, one of the most popular lighting options is the LED light, because it is energy efficient and long-lasting, according to While LEDs can be a good option for these qualities, they might not necessarily be the most flattering for your merchandise.

Instead of focusing on the actual type of light you are using, consider the "intent" of the window, the news outlet suggests.

"The purpose of the window is to make miniature theater, and it comes together when it’s lit properly," veteran window design consultant Lucy Ann Bouwman, manager of creative visual merchandising at the Tiffany & Co. flagship store in New York, told the news source.

That means focusing on not only the physical characteristics of the window, such as depth and frame, but also the message you want to convey with the display. 

Consider color filters for your lights to bring different shadows together on your merchandise, and direct lights in various directions to give an element of drama to your store displays. If you'd rather not have drama, you can opt for a flat wash of light using no filters.