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Tips for hiring seasonal help

Tips for hiring seasonal help

Spring has only just arrived, but retailers must always be one step ahead of the game, which means many merchants are already preparing for the summer shopping season. If you're expecting a spike in traffic during the warmer weather, then hiring a few extra hands around the store can make your business run much more smoothly. However, you must take certain precautions to ensure that the temporary staff you hire doesn't end up causing you headaches. Here are some tips:

Finding the help
While the economy is certainly better than it was a few years ago, there are still many people looking for work of any type, which means you shouldn't have a hard time finding individuals who are interested in lending a hand at your store. Placing a "help wanted" store sign in your front window is a good start, or you can use social media or websites like Craigslist to search out potential candidates. However, keep in mind that the wider you cast your net, the more sifting you'll have to do to find worthy candidates.

Narrowing your pool
There are a few methods you can use to narrow down your pool of candidates. Considering mentioning in your ad that you're looking for individuals who have some retail experience. If you're OK with training new people, you can leave this provision out, but you'll need to make sure that potential candidates have work experience that relates to your business in some way or another.

In-store training
Once you've hired your temporary employees, you'll need to get them up to speed as quickly as possible. You don't need to invest as much time into training these workers, as they'll only be on staff for a few months. A quick way to get them up to speed is to allow them to spend their first day or two browsing your display tables, wall displays and clothing racks. Once they've familiarized themselves with your wares, they'll be much more able to respond to customer queries.

Long-term options
You may be able to attract stronger candidates if you let them know that long-term employment options are available. You can use the summer season as a trial period to see if your temporary staff may be able to become a full-time part of your team. Alternatively, you can let your temps know that if they do well over the summer, there may be opportunities for them around the holidays.