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Tips and tricks for holiday gift wrap

Tips and tricks for holiday gift wrap

If you plan on training some new employees on gift wrapping, or if you’re new to this holiday task yourself, you may be wondering where to start. Below, we go over some of the trends, tricks and tips for any retailer looking to go the extra mile for shoppers this holiday season.

Go minimal with tape
If you’re wrapping a straightforward box, and you’re using more than three pieces of tape, you might be going overboard with the sticky stuff. When doing a simple wrapping job, you should use just one piece of tape on either end of the box, where the folds come together, and another along the seam running across the bottom of the box.

Start upside down
When you’ve laid out your wrapping paper and are about to begin, remember that the item you are wrapping should be placed on the sheet face down. This will mean that when you’re all done, the seam will be on the bottom of the gift, and the top of the present will be smooth – ideal for a nice presentation.

Don’t make wrapping assumptions
Even though the vast majority of the wrapping you’ll be doing this holiday season will be for either Christmas or Hanukkah, it’s important to remember that there are other reasons to give gifts in the month of December. Birthdays, baby showers, weddings and bon voyage parties all happen this time of year, so it may be wise to have a few rolls of non-holiday paper near the register to use as needed.

Use ribbon to your advantage
Never underestimate the power of wholesale ribbon. A package wrapped in paper with no bow is like a cake with no icing. Adding a fun and festive ribbon to your gift wrap will show customers you have aesthetics in mind. Instead of opting for traditional bows, use scissors to curl some of your ribbon, and tape them together on top of the package.

What to do with awkwardly shaped items
Teddy bears, sports equipment, home goods – these are just some of the items that can be difficult to wrap because of their bulky shape or design. The best way to get over this hurdle is by using a box to make the item more manageable. If this isn’t a possibility, consider placing such items in wholesale shopping bags with tissue paper.