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Tiny details to catch the eye

Tiny details to catch the eye

Send spring aflutter with a meek approach to the blossoming life around you. When you’re store displays and windows are set up for this year’s rebirth, make sure to show your customers some small details. It’s always good to have a large display or theme that can catch the attention of passersby and draw them in, but after you’ve grabbed it, it’s the smaller niceties that show the thorough determination of your store.

Tiny subtleties are easy to overlook and often unappreciated at large. However, that doesn’t make them any less important. Those who do notice them see a depth to your design and are encouraged to keep an eye open for other touches. When customers are paying attention to the smaller details in your business, they’re going to see more of it as a whole than the average person.

The insects awakening for warmer days are an early sign outside to the changing season and they can be for inside your shop too. Don’t worry about scaring anyone with entomophobia, as strings of garland dragonflies and butterflies can be draped anywhere you’d like. Bunch them together or let them fly free, everything will be coming alive soon enough. For a bit of humor, you can even put some in your hair mannequins to show off their stout resolution for modeling your inventory.

Another way to produce a display of details is with some glass neck block finials for your dress forms. Offered in a round or jewel shape and in five different colors, rotate them daily or weekly between your forms to point out the bright, lively colors. These are items that can be used year-round and are easy to change. Cycling them on your models will keep things fresh and the observant repeat customers on their toes.

Before you know it, people will be outside having picnics in the parks. Start the picnic early at your store by setting up some displays of items in baskets lined with sturdy burlap. Encourage people to fish around these baskets by setting them up on a checkered tablecloth with thermoses and snacks scattered around. Free food is always a sure way to increase traffic to an area of your store that needs a boost.

There are many small things you can do for your shop this spring to usher in fresher air and warmer times. Minute details give you the chance to be creative and let your shoppers know the amount of attention you give your establishment and the products it sells. Don’t worry how many people notice everything: if there’s something to see, someone will find and appreciate it just as someone would a flower in a field of grass.