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Three ways to make your store displays effective

Three ways to make your store displays effective

Whether you like it or not, visual merchandising plays a crucial role in the overall success of your store. Choosing appropriate and attractive store racks and display fixtures is important, but as long as you know the following three guidelines, you're set to sell.

1. Make it emotional

Your store's visuals should elicit some sort of emotional response in passersby and shoppers. Which emotional response you want is up to you, but giddy, sentimental and nostalgic are some good ones to try for. If you stir some sort of emotional reaction in your customer, price often becomes less important, allowing the individual to spend more, according to

2. Group your goodies

Placing like products near each other is beneficial in a few ways. Firstly, it shows shoppers how to use the product – for instance, you could place a spatula near a pancake mix, or a stack of tank tops near a certain blouse. This makes your shoppers want both items to have the "proper" experience with the product. It also helps because you are selling a concept of something, not just straight merchandise.

3. Switch it up

Mixing up your store displays is a good thing to do regularly. This might mean changing displays frequently, moving the location of products, or putting certain things on sale to move them along. People like variety, and it gives the impression that merchandise is selling, making it more desirable.