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Three store policies to consider

Three store policies to consider

If you're a new retailer, you may feel like you're stumbling around in the dark. It's hard enough to maintain a clean store floor, attractive display cases and strong social media campaigns, but you also need to focus on creating solid store policies to make sure your operations run smoothly day in and day out. Here are three store policies to consider once you open up shop:

1. Children and pets
Some stores ban pets outright while others welcome four-legged friends, and even offer them treats. If you are planning on letting dogs into your store, you should make sure customers know that they must be leashed – otherwise, you could see your display tables tumbling to the ground. You obviously can't ban children outright from your store, but you can demand that parents keep an eye on their children at all times. This is especially important for toy store retailers, as some parents may try to use you as a free babysitting service while they shop around at other stores nearby.

2. No cell phones allowed
You'll likely find that many of your shoppers have smartphones, and while it wouldn't be a good move to forbid them in your store, you can ask patrons to avoid having loud conversations on them, especially when waiting in line to purchase items. You may also want to ask your shoppers to refrain from taking photos of your clothing racks and wall displays, as you never know where those images may end up.

3. Positive policies
Not all rules have to be negative – some can be used as an incentive. For example, you can offer regular shoppers at your store special privileges. Shoppers who come on their birthday (and have the ID to prove it) could receive a discount, or frequent shoppers could be given complimentary gift wrap services.