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This spring, help your customers get fit

This spring, help your customers get fit

Spring is one of the most lucrative times for retailers, as many shoppers want to revamp their wardrobes and other aspects of their lives to welcome in the new season. To best take advantage of this, merchants need to be at the top of their game, which means coming up with creative and unique window displays and store themes. One road you can take this spring is promoting fitness, because a number of people will likely be eager to start exercising outdoors in the beautiful weather.

Your window display
Put fitness front and center this spring by showcasing your best workout gear in your store window. After purchasing a few mannequins for sale, dress them in your trendy, lightweight shirts, mesh shorts, sweatpants or other items that fitness fanatics will need. Shoe retailers stand to gain big with this theme. They may want to consider using a wall display to show off some of their top-selling running shoes.

There are a number of non-apparel retailers that can increase sales in-store by creating a workout motif. For example, sports equipment dealers can place display tables stocked with footballs, baseballs, skateboards or yoga mats in their front windows. Electronics sellers may want to use store signs to promote phones that carry fitness-related applications.

Go the holistic route
All retailers must be up on popular trends, and promoting a holistic exercise motif can show that your store is on point. The popularity of yoga, tai chi and other meditative workouts has only increased over the past few years, so consider using these themes to your advantage. Line your gondola shelves and display tables with eco-friendly water bottles, green teas, yoga clothing and perhaps even some spa supplies for those shoppers who love to work out their bodies, minds and souls.

Don’t forget the little things
While you may want to shine the spotlight on big-ticket items like high-end workout gear or exercise equipment, there are little things that individuals will need this spring as well. For example, those who go to the gym for their exercise will need flip-flops and towels for the shower. People who jog outside may be enticed by armbands that can hold iPods steady, and bikers will likely need helmets, water bottle holders and baskets for their rides. Though you may carry these items year-round, it’s not a bad idea to put them front and center now that spring is nearly here.