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This holiday season, let candy be your inspiration

This holiday season, let candy be your inspiration

One of the nice things about decorating your store for the holidays is that you have a plethora of motifs to choose from. You can go with classic wintery scenes, a Santa-inspired affair, or a big Christmas feast, just to name a few. But to stand out from other stores that are showcasing their seasonal goods, you’ll need to dig deep into your creativity and come up with something truly unique. One way to make your store shine is to tap in to your customers’ love of sweets. Even if you’re not a candy store, sugary treats are an excellent way to catch the eyes of passersby and pull them through your front door.

To make this motif work, you’ll need to start out with plenty of red ribbon. Candy canes are the iconic sweet of the season, and the crimson wholesale ribbon will help drive that idea home. You can wrap it around columns or display tables in your store. Accentuate the color by displaying some of your best white items for sales, whether they be scarves, shoes or accessories.

It’s simple to pull this saccharine setup into your window displays as well. Take any small boxes or pieces of balled up packing paper you can find and wrap them in colorful pieces of cellophane or tissue paper. Be sure to twist the ends to make them resemble delicious candies. Chocolates are also quite popular during the holiday season, so consider placing a few candy bars amongst some of your items.

The candy theme will likely be successful for stores that market toward children or parents. When putting out your child mannequins, consider stuffing some of their pockets with sweets to remind kids that in a few weeks, they’ll be pulling candy out of their own stockings on Christmas morning.