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This autumn’s hottest jewelry trend is…

This autumn’s hottest jewelry trend is…


Bold necklaces. After a long, hot summer of wearing fine chains, cloth chokers or dangling pendants, the return of cooler weather means women may once again wear necklaces that make a statement.

From the catwalks of Paris to New York, the sound of jangling necklaces can be heard. If you want to take advantage of this rising trend, you’ll need jewelry displays that can show off bold necklaces with the flair they deserve.

Three tones, infinite possibilities

The Evening Standard reported on three distinct tones that appear to dominate this year’s jewelry trends: gold, onyx and silver. Simple chokers with dangling tassels, layered necklaces and chunky pendants are just a few styles that have adopted these three tones. Adding white stone, black jewels or turquoise can liven up a one-tone palette by introducing a little personality.

Each of these distinct colors looks vibrant and eye-catching when displayed on our new black rotating necklace display. The elegant curves of this display work well in a classic boutique, minimalist or luxury retail environments. It’s the little black dress of jewelry displays.

Chokers on the rise

After a lull in recent years, it seems like chokers are back, but with a twist that will leave you breathless. Forget about the cloth, gothic chokers of the 90s – in 2017 chokers can be much more unique.

Elle Magazine reported on a number of choker trends from New York Fashion Week, including chunky, non-uniform gold-link chokers as well as ballet inspired laurel designs that wrap around the neck for a balanced, luxurious look.

Wide, flexible chokers look imposing, but sit well above a dress with a low neckline.

For these wide or heavy chokers, choose a flattering display such as our premium black velvet necklace display.

Mix ‘n’ match

Vogue Paris reported that many of the top designer brands looked a little off balance this year. Mixing and matching heavy necklaces and large, hoop earrings for an asymmetrical look allows the wearer to bring together disparate styles in one cohesive look.

To the untrained eye, this style might look a little mismatched – but it’s really about finding a theme and exploring it in multiple ways. To take advantage of this lop-sided trend, consider using our iron lace jewelry display to sell earrings one-by-one, rather than in pairs. Place these next to your necklace displays so shoppers can compare how each piece looks next to the others.

For more tips on displaying this season’s upcoming trends, check out our series on customer experience. You may have the goods, but do you know how to entice shoppers with engagement tactics?

To learn how to optimize your store space, reach out to our retail design experts today! Bring us your store dimensions, and we’ll help you find the perfect displays for your apparel and jewelry merchandise.