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Thinking outside the mannequin: 3 unique retail models

Thinking outside the mannequin: 3 unique retail models

When it comes to displaying clothing, retailers often turn to mannequins. The tried-and-true store fixtures are ideal because they pose a lifelike model of the human form, allowing customers to visualize themselves wearing the merchandise.

Mannequins, however, are only one option for showing off clothing. Apparel retail stores that want to give some variety to their interior should consider implementing some of these additional accents:

1) Jersey forms
Much like mannequins, jersey form models stand tall with human-like proportions. However, the store fixtures’ stature is about where the similarities end. Instead of having lifelike features, jersey form models simply display a human torso. When unadorned, the fabric is a neutral shade, such as white or black. Form covers can be implemented, however, to dress up the models with a variety of colors and patterns.

Because they’re versatile, it’s easy to change up your store displays in a matter of minutes. Don’t forget to customize the stand as well. The bases come in a number of natural hues and the full spectrum of shades in the C3 Color collection.

2) Hanging forms
Although mannequins and forms are nothing short of eye-catching, you may find yourself needing to optimize floor space, which can be a particularly valuable commodity in tight boutique shops. Look no farther than your walls, which can also serve as the basis for showing off clothing. Hanging forms are ideal for utilizing vertical space and bringing attention to stylish pieces, particularly those for which length is a prominent factor. Think of dresses, skirts and various pant styles that can be accentuated when shown off in their natural form.

3) Busts and stands
Standing models are a perfect way to show off more than a single type of merchandise at once, and they allow retail designers to focus on certain areas of style as well. For instance, a bust model highlights outfits from the waist up. This can be ideal for highlighting various blouse and sweater combinations for women, or shirt and jacket pairings for me, plus accents such as necklaces, hats or ties. Like busts, stands also show off specific pieces. For example, a shoe stand can accentuate foot wear of varying styles, and jewelry displays that utilize specialty pieces leave no question as to what customers should notice. Store owners can put together “outfits” while still highlighting individual pieces by placing such single-piece display fixtures next to one another. A jersey form next to a millinery rack and scarf stand, for instance, could help give shoppers options while suggesting pieces that could go together.