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Think outside the box with literature racks

Think outside the box with literature racks

Every store has a few unique touches that help to set it apart from other spaces. If you’re looking to add some of these special elements to your store displays, consider adding literature racks to your arsenal of tools. These devices can be used in a variety of ways to enhance a retail floor. Here are just three of the many options you have for using these racks:

Create a kids’ corner
One way you can use literature racks to stand out to customers is by incorporating them into a special children’s section of the store. You can load the racks up with kid-friendly books as a way of emphasizing that the specific area is loaded with products for children, regardless of whether or not you put the reading materials up for sale. In fact, adding a small square of carpet in this area, along with a few safe toys, could be a great way to enhance the customer experience by offering a kids’ corner to keep youngsters entertained.

Make sure you place flex kid mannequins near the children’s section. This will allow you to set up attractive displays that appeal to shoppers young and old, and these showcases are sure to catch the eye of customers who check out the kids’ section.

Show off trinkets by the register
Another good use of literature racks is displaying items that could act as ideal impulse purchases by the register. Postcards and greeting cards printed in a unique style are popular products often shown off in this manner, as are magnets, stationary sets and other small trinkets. During the upcoming season, you may want to think about placing some back-to-school merchandise in this location. Custom notebooks, journals and folders may be attractive options to students who have their own distinct style and want their academic tools to reflect that.

Provide store information
If your boutique has an online store, then literature racks could be a useful way of spreading the word about the site. It’s also a convenient way to include materials about special promotions or sales events, as well as information about things like Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest pages that can keep customers up to date with what’s going on in the store. Small cards printed with information about your space’s social sites are ideal for customers to grab during their time at the register and will ensure they have something to remember the retailer by. Including coupons or sale information could also be a smart way to entice shoppers to the counter.