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The Uso Showcase Collection can enhance any store

The Uso Showcase Collection can enhance any store

The individual products you choose to put in your store are important, but just as essential is how all of the pieces work together to create a cohesive look. Sometimes the best way to achieve consistency on the floor is to use display fixtures that are from the same line, and for that, you should take a look at options like the Uso showcase collection.

What’s available
There are countless collections to consider when you’re in the market for new store displays. One of the top options is the Uso showcase collection, which features an array of showcases and tables perfect for any boutique. A key element of Uso’s offerings is the showcase, comprised of several shelves and display areas, as well as an enclosed glass top. Also available is a register stand, designed to be at an ideal height for your workers while also providing additional storage space, and a table with customizable legs that can be used for a variety of displays.

Uso has a few ready-made layouts that can help maximize space, function and attractiveness in a store, but you are also free to use your imagination to create a design perfect for your floor.

Mix and match
A real benefit of the Uso showcase collection is the fact that you can mix and match items from the line to create just the look you’re aiming for. Every piece can work as a stand-alone display, with tables, shelves and register stands all available for purchase individually. Any one of these items is more than capable of acting as a valuable accessory for a store, meeting your needs while also creating a centerpiece for your boutique that is ideal for showing off your products.

With three styles to choose from – white gloss, black gloss and maple – you can even select the material that best fits with the rest of your store. Mixing the finishes could be a good way to create a natural separation on the floor, distinguishing one section or type of product from another. There are also opportunities to customize the tables with tapered or curved legs. All of these options come together to provide you with countless chances to create the perfect display for your space.

At the end of the day, the Uso showcase collection is a wonderful option for store owners to consider as they look to improve their space. Don’t be afraid to start thinking outside the box as you see if the collection can work for you.