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The right tool for the job

The right tool for the job

Anyone who has tried to hammer in a nail with a screwdriver knows that having the right tool for the job makes everything much easier. The same is true for store fixtures in retail stores. Height, style and size all determine which display fixture is right for the "job" of creating an attractive display in your store.

First, you should define the "job" at hand. Most of the time, the aim of a window display is to attract passersby, make them stop and look at your display and potentially step inside the store to shop. The goal of display tables most of the time is to make shopping an easy, enjoyable experience, which means the display fixtures should be both attractive and improve the accessibility of the merchandise.

Style is perhaps one of the first elements many visual merchandisers consider when it comes to store fixtures. This usually depends on the overall feel of your store. If you are going for a vintage vibe, the "right tool" for the job would be antique-looking metal tables or wooden ones.

Height and size are also important elements to consider. In this case, the right tool for the job would be something that is neither too low nor too high – a customer should never have to squat to pick something up or reach too high. Also, the table should be the right size for the merchandise on it. When using nesting tables, for instance, it's important the smaller tables hold smaller (or fewer) items, while the larger tables hold the larger items. The larger tables should also be completely full so they don't look like they are too big for the job.