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The perfect gift card box

The perfect gift card box

The holidays are not quite upon us yet, but many retailers are preparing for the busiest shopping season of the year by stocking up on retail packaging, wholesale ribbon, gift cards and other necessities for gifts. Whether or not you are offering gift wrapping for your regular merchandise over the holidays, if you are selling gift cards, you will need some type of wrapping for it.

Gift cards need some type of wrapping for presentation and practicality purposes. No one wants to receive a plain old card. No matter how much money is on the card, it's somewhat anti-climactic to be handed a card on a holiday. Plus, a singular card could get lost in the time it takes to get from the store to the hand of the recipient.

Many gift certificates look elegant when they come in a special sleeve or envelope as "wrapping." Many stores are also offering boxes for gift cards these days. If you are selling a gift card to a jewelry store, placing the card in a custom velvet box or bag might be an elegant touch.

You can do the same thing with regular cardboard jewelry-sized boxes at other stores. These give the customer something to wrap for their loved one on the holiday. This season, you might want to stock up on small cardboard gift card boxes with holiday prints – all the customer has to do is add ribbon!