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The importance of mannequins in the modern retail world

The importance of mannequins in the modern retail world

Today’s evolving retail landscape is shifting away from in-store shopping to that of the online world. Customers are finding it much more convenient to just order what they need online to eliminate the process of having to go out and look for it. They get a lot more options than any single store can usually hold, and then have it sent directly to their front door. Because of this, store displays are becoming increasingly important to stores everywhere as a way to bring shoppers in by offering customers something they can’t get online: hands-on interactions.

An edge over online stores
Not only do customers get to try on clothes and accessories when they actually go to a store, but they get to see examples of trendy outfits that could inspire more fashion choices. According to The Wall Street Journal, mannequins are playing a very important role in making store fixtures stand out against the images of a screen. A mannequin is a chance for your store to show shoppers something they can’t see anywhere else and your models work to convert that advantage into revenue.

When your clothes are displayed on a mannequin, it gives people the chance to interact with the products. They can feel the fabrics, test out the sizes and see what they’re buying before they head to the register.

The mannequins of today
Mannequins in this day and age are becoming a lot more sophisticated as they become more lifelike. They are made of different materials and shaped in various poses, allowing these models to be worked into almost any theme.

To make a mannequin stand out even more amongst your store displays, consider the C3 Custom Color Collection that allows you to choose virtually any color you want for your figures. This allows them to be geared towards certain seasons and promotions while also adding a splash of life to them, setting them apart from the models at other stores.

It’s becoming more vital to impress every customer that walks through your door. Use your imagination to create different themes and displays for your store to show every shopper walking by what it means to actually go shopping, not just click buttons on a screen. Seize the opportunity your stalwart models give your store while you still can.