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The hottest hats to flaunt on forms this spring

The hottest hats to flaunt on forms this spring

Springtime has arrived, prompting consumers to prepare for warmer weather. From teens buying bikinis while there’s still snow on the ground in anticipation of summer to mothers shopping for active wear before their children’s spring sports begin, the change in seasons calls for a new wardrobe.

As you rearrange store fixtures and display tables in anticipation of the spring shopping rush, be sure to highlight the hottest trends. Here are a few hat styles that your customers will likely be on the hunt for this season.

“There were a few emerging styles for everyday wear.”

The hat trick
The spring and summer 2015 fashion shows brought tons of outrageous hats to the forefront of fashion, including a vibrant cone-like accessory by Tibi and bold geometric designs from Karen Walker. While your average shopper probably isn’t looking for a couture headpiece to rock this spring, there were a few emerging styles that are perfect for everyday wear.

  1. Floppy hats: If you thought floppy hats were popular last spring and summer, get ready for an even bigger explosion. These accessories with oversized brims are perfect for the beach, an afternoon shopping in town or happy hour after work. Since they can come in so many different fabrics and sizes, it’s easy for everyone to find a floppy hat that works for them. Designers such as Burberry and Max Mara showcased floppy hats on the runway this year, further encouraging the trend toward fabulous and functional head wear.
  2. Oversized bucket hats: Urban street style has seen a resurgence in the popularity of the bucket hat in recent years, especially as hip-hop artists join the trend. The world of women’s fashion has taken the look to a new level of sophistication. These hats look like enlarged bucket hats, but rather than letting them droop down, designers folded the brims up. They were seen at fashion shows in a variety of prints and patterns including flowers and abstract shapes.
  3. Faux-doras: Several designers gave the old classic a new spin for spring 2015. In addition to traditional fedoras in an array of colors, materials and patterns, the runways were graced with fedoras that had new shapes. There were some tall styles – think Pharrell’s meme-worthy hat of 2014 – as well as fedoras with wide brims. Try out one of these unique styles on a Plastic Head Form in your spring accessory display.
Smart display fixtures make your merchandise look even better.

Men’s looks
There wasn’t anything too revolutionary in the realm of men’s fashion as far as hats go. Some designers dressed models in floppy hats as well, although that may not be as common off the runway. Two traditional hats that men favor are as popular as ever, but with a cosmopolitan vibe. Both beanies and baseball caps were spotted during fashion week, but there’s been movement away from branded headpieces. Beanies are perfect for men of any age, especially if you carry neutral colors or low-key patterns for professionals. Baseball hats that are a solid neutral color and that lack a sports or company logo on the front are also considered classy and stylish this year.