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The evolution of retail

The evolution of retail

While your store displays and mannequins will always be a major driving force in your storefront, the evolving retail landscape is shifting into the digital world. Competition is coming to a new level between businesses, and those who don’t adapt are left behind. Your display tables and the effort that goes into them aren’t for nothing, but employing a variety of techniques to use widespread technologies increases the amount of traffic and customer base your store and brand can receive. Getting your name out on the Internet will do nothing but bring more people in to see your displays. Not only must you do your best to keep your shop a vibrant center for sales, but you also have to create an online presence.

Two ways to buy today
Everyone is familiar with the old routine of trading cash at a register in a store. However, with the rapid advancement of technology, more and more customers are finding it easier and more convenient to do a large portion of their shopping online. This makes it paramount to have at least a business website, opening up the possibilities for much more.

During the important holiday seasons, shoppers tend to browse a store’s website before making any purchases. According to Internet Retailer, as much as 65 percent of shoppers will scope out deals online during the holidays before going in to the store and actually buying anything. If people have the option to buy products from your site, your building becomes much more than just a store. It transforms into a hub for all of your business, with products being shipped all over, potentially expanding your brand into other areas and markets.

Marketing Charts reported that 3 out of every 4 stores has a presence in social media, making a way to connect with their patrons in another way. We operate in a time where anyone can just take their phone out of their pocket and check what stores are on the next block. You can email specials and offers to shoppers on your emailing list, create a Pinterest account so everyone in your store can do the marketing work for you or even keep an eye on the local competitors.

Although technology drastically changes the way companies are marketing now, with vast amounts of money being thrown into the development of these tactics, according to Medialife Magazine, this hasn’t stopped some of the old methods from enduring. Catalogs have not died out like other forms of advertising, but have thrived, as reported by USA Today. You don’t have to forsake all of your past style completely, but adapt it. Keep the character of your business so you’ll retain whatever it is that makes your establishment different from the others.

Time for an upgrade
If you haven’t made a few improvements to your equipment and tools in a while, you might be hampering your chances for success. When you begin selling merchandise through your website, make sure you have all the proper shipping supplies to deliver it in a timely fashion. A speedy send-off is a reliable way to receive positive feedback from buyers at places like your social media sites.

The Mobile Commerce Daily reported that stores are dragging their feet on upgrading their operating systems in their buildings with a large portion of customers thinking cash registers are antiquated altogether. Make sure you upgrade your retail tools to meet the demands of online and in-store shopping, as this can go a long way in ensuring customers have a smooth experience.

Companies all over are revamping to prepare for the coming revolution in retail. Those who don’t will be at a disadvantage compared to their competitors who did and see it affect sales and business. Embrace the change and grow stronger, but don’t forget to keep the spirit of your shop in your digital presence.