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The best ways to show off your boots

The best ways to show off your boots

If you sell shoes at your store, no doubt your fall boots are already coming in. How will you display the selection of boots you have to make them look their best and to make your store stand out from the rest? There are some considerations to make when displaying boots and other fall shoes.

One technique is to display fall shoes by brand. You will see large stores like Macy's do this – for instance, all Lucky Brand fall shoes might be grouped on a display table together. This usually creates a pleasant visual because most brands design a season's line of shoes with similar patterns, colors and materials. Because boots tend to be a popular item, consider setting them in the center of the display table.

Another way to display boots is to group similar styles together. For example, you could put all of your brown leather boots together – riding boots, Western style boots, and other rustic styles – in one section of the store. Then, arrange your dressier styles together on a different shelf or display.

You can also display all the boots together in one dynamic window display as long as you have another theme going on. For instance, you could set up a sidewalk scene with all of your boots "walking" down the street by putting them on weighted toe forms with other decorations to blend the styles into one cohesive, attractive display. Another window display idea is to arrange a school hallway or a playground scene, focusing on the shoes only and keeping your store's style in mind as you create the display.