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The benefits of personal shoppers

The benefits of personal shoppers

If you own an apparel store, then you’ve probably met your fair share of customers who aren’t exactly sure what they are looking for when they show up at your door. Style comes naturally to some, while others may struggle to pick out clothing and accessories that suit their personal look. If this is a common occurrence in your shop, then you may want to consider hiring or training a “personal shopper.” These skilled individuals can help customers pick out products that will enhance their wardrobe, and having one or two on staff could bring in big business.

What makes a good personal shopper?
A personal shopper must have their own unique style, but more importantly, he or she must be able to interpret the styles of everyone who walks into your store. You should look for someone who has a “vision” when they look at others. Personal shoppers should not push their own style onto customers, but rather should try to conceive a “look” that would work best for each individual. This means you’ll need to hire someone who really knows the products lining your wall racks and display tables and is able to make plenty of valuable suggestions. You can also ask this person for help when creating new outfits for your adult and child mannequins or while setting up a new window display.

Personal shoppers and your staff
If you’re planning on hiring outside help for this role, then you should make sure your new personal shopper jives with the rest of your staff. You may want to have him or her offer style tips to each of your employees, and give them guidance on how to assist customers if he or she is not in the store. You may opt to promote one of your current employees to the personal shopper position. If this is the case, then you should make sure to choose the workers who have the best personal style and product knowledge.

What to avoid
Though personal shoppers can help bring in money, they should be seen more as a service for your style-challenged clientele than anything else. Don’t advise them to tell customers to purchase the most expensive items – you’ll make more money in the long run if they work hard to build customer and brand loyalty. Additionally, try to avoid resentment from other employees by allowing everyone to engage in providing personal shopping services when possible.