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The benefits of local fashion shows

The benefits of local fashion shows

The major Fashion Weeks may have come and gone – think New York, Milan, Paris and London – but that does not mean the entire practice is over with. Clothing retailers want to be on top of all of the major trends, particularly ones that are big in their specific areas. Certain looks that are shown in Milan or Paris may not translate to stores out in the suburbs, so it’s important as a store owner to buy some mannequins for sale and dress them in local fashion.

Region trends matter
How does one look into what’s happening in their area? CNN reports that Fashion Weeks are now held in cities across the country, including Cleveland, Austin and Charleston. Retailers will want to do some research as to when this kind of event is happening nearby and make a point to attend. Local residents who are digging some of the styles will surely appreciate clothing stores that cater to them.

Not only will customers love getting to see nearby trends and designers, but you could be ahead of the curve in offering the next big thing in the retail industry.

“Regional fashion weeks are aspirational. I find something very refreshing and honest about them,” Fern Mallis, who’s credited with creating New York Fashion Week, told the news provider. “If the sidebar is that restaurants and hotels get a lot of business, even better. The fashion industry is always looking for the next hot talent and you never know where you’ll find it. It’s a funny industry, where you need to be seen, and the best way for designers’ work to be seen is on the runway, wherever it is.”

Trends trump all
Of course, it’s important to know what some of the classic trends are for the season. Some of the big items for spring include lace, leather, nautical stripes and bold prints. Although each area may vary in trends, it’s always a good idea to offer a bit of mainstream fashion.

By buying mannequins for sale and dressing them with some of the looks everyone is shopping around for, you can be sure that you’ll bring in some of the most fashion-conscious consumers. After all, once you have the fashionista shopping your wares, all her friends will soon follow suit.