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Team up with other retailers for bridal, prom season

Team up with other retailers for bridal, prom season

Over the next few weeks, many retailers will be focusing on glitzy prom events. At the same time, they’ll be prepping their jewelry displays and other store fixtures for the upcoming bridal season. Apparel retailers, beauty supply sellers and jewelry merchants can all expect to see elevated sales during this time of year, but they may be able to maximize their revenue by teaming up to offer prom- and wedding-goers the “total experience.”

Brainstorm together
To set up this retail event, you’ll first need to meet with local retailers in your area. Don’t worry if some of them are direct competition – working together will allow you both to profit. Speak with nearby hair salons, makeup stores, formal clothing retailers, jewelers and any other merchants that offer something wedding or prom attendees may need. Pitch the idea of promoting a group sale for prom and wedding events. Some retailers may reject the concept at first, but it’s likely that others will agree to get in on the opportunity.

Determining discounts and deals
Once you’ve gathered together merchants in your area, the next step is to decide on what sort of discounts and deals you may want to offer. You can go the traditional route by promoting a certain percentage off products that you think will be popular with prom, or you can get a bit more creative. For example, you and your fellow retailers can offer a “party experience” for groups, and play fun music, provide food and drink, and decorate your store fixtures in similar ways. While this isn’t exactly a “deal,” it may attract shoppers who want a unique experience while shopping for prom or a wedding.

Getting the word out
Your promotions won’t do any good if your customers don’t hear about them, so you and the merchants you’re working with should also align your social media and marketing campaigns to make shoppers aware of your deals. You can send out joint Tweets or Facebook posts to reach your online audience, but you also may want to decorate your stores in a similar fashion. For example, you can order wholesale ribbon and wholesale shopping bags in the same hue. This will help your customers associate a certain color with the deals you and your fellow merchants are offering.