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Teach your customers the back-to-school basics

Teach your customers the back-to-school basics

ABC may be as easy as 123, but visual merchandising to draw in back-to-school shoppers is slightly more complex. Not only do you need to come up with an appropriate fall theme, you need to make it stand out above the rest so shoppers come to you first. Use the same tactics as teachers to get your marketing points across.

Bulletin boards

Teachers spend a good amount of time on the bulletin boards they put up in their classrooms. While bulletin boards may seem pretty commonplace, they aren't commonly seen in window displays – especially not when your store's merchandise has little to do with the classroom.

Still, bulletin boards are classic schoolroom items that are sure to attract attention from back-to-school shoppers. Tack lettering into large cork boards to advertise school shopping specials or sales on specific items.


Modern teachers may be using Power Points and other technological resources more frequently to get their points across, but the traditional chalkboard is still reminiscent of the classroom, and it's a great visual merchandising prop.

Not only can you change the message on it, you can create a chalkboard anywhere in your store thanks to the invention of chalkboard paint. If you anticipate parents coming in to shop for teacher's gifts for the first day of school, set up store displays with a classic black or green chalkboard above it with handwritten instructions on how to create the perfect gift.

You can use the same technique to tell your customers about back-to-school clothing sales or the top dorm room necessities. This play on a school lesson is a charming way to get your back-to-school theme across.