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Taking steps to make sure you aren’t alienating customers

Taking steps to make sure you aren’t alienating customers

When you run a retail outlet, your No. 1 goal must be making your customers feel comfortable while browsing your clothing racks or display cases. No matter what demographic you target, you must always have shoppers in mind, and every change you make to your store should be intended to improve the shopping experience for your fan base. While you likely know how to best please your primary target market, sometimes retailers do things that can alienate some people. Here are two issues you may not have considered, but addressing them will help you bring even more traffic in the door.

Remember loved ones
If you operate a women’s shoe store, all of your marketing techniques and store fixtures are likely chosen to cater to your female shoppers. But it’s important to remember that often, customers bring in friends or family members who may not be part of your target demographic. If a woman brings her husband or boyfriend into your store, will he feel welcome and entertained while she takes a gander at your gondola shelves? Not if you don’t have some comfortable seating and maybe a few magazines. When you are doing research into your customer base, remember who your shoppers may be bringing with them when they visit your store.

Disability accessibility
There are laws that require businesses to make certain accommodations for people with special needs. However, even if you are wheel-chair accessible, you still may be alienating people who are disabled. You must make sure that your store fixtures can easily be accessed by shoppers with special needs. If your wall displays are several feet off the ground, some people may not be able to reach them. You also need to train your staff on how to be sensitive and respectful of people with physical or mental disabilities.